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SAFE-T-RAIL provides superior temporary fall protection for the construction industry with two main products: temporary guardrail and temporary window-well covers. The modular guardrail system is installed along stairways, balconies and other fall risk areas in new residential construction and commercial construction, and is the only system known in the U.S. that meets all OSHA standards for temporary guardrail. The unique railing system design was patented in 2002 (U.S. Patent No. 6481697B1). SAFE-T-RAIL has also developed a temporary window-well cover that meets OSHA standards for new construction. The products are installed and removed by our trained technicians in coordination with builders' schedules. Using SAFE-T-RAIL products saves the builder labor and material costs of ineffective site-built methods, while reducing work-site injuries and insurance claims. SAFE-T-RAIL systems are installed for builders and contractors for a per-period, per-site fee. We are committed to exceeding your expectations for customer service. Please contact us at (303) 286-1086 for a quote on your project or subdivision.

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