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Textured Concrete Window Well

Safe-T-Rail Co. and OldCastle Precast-Amcor have developed a concrete window well with an "Old Brick" texture on the inside. The new design substantially improves the appearance of window wells from basement areas and complements high ceilings and finished living spaces in lower levels of custom or semi custom residential projects.

The inside of the window well has an opening of 68 inches and will accommodate any 5050 foundation window. Available in 2 feet, 4 feet and 6 feet depths with an interlocking stack feature, we can provide window wells with unlimited depths.

The safe and securable Safe-T-Rail cover will be permanently installed simultaneously with the concrete window well and meets OSHA construction fall protection requirements. The cover in the open position gives 9 square feet of unobstructed egress as required by the International Building Code. In addition to meeting building code requirements, the reinforced polypropylene egress steps provide high quality, safe egress and corrosion resistance that will last a life time.

This new product will be delivered and installed by the same well trained technicians that have been delivering and installing OSHA compliant temporary Safe-T-Rail guardrail and window well covers since 1999.


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