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Guardrail System

SAFE-T-RAIL CO. provides full service installation and removal by trained technicians. The secure installation is scheduled in coordination with stair delivery and removal coincides with the installation of permanent railings. The guardrail system can be installed for virtually all stair and balcony designs, insuring safety and OSHA compliance during your construction project.

Advantages of using the SAFE-T-RAIL guardrail system:

  • Protects sub-contractors, workers, and the public
  • Protects workers on stilts
  • Increases worker productivity
  • Attractive, clean, and durable components
  • Tamper-resistant
  • Toeboards are installed where required
  • Adaptors for finished stair treads & radiant heat floors
  • Potential cost savings to builders and insurance companies for insurance premiums and workman's compensation claims
  • Meets OSHA standards
  • Competitive pricing

Window-Well Cover System

SAFE-T-RAIL Temporary Window-Well Covers have been designed to meet OSHA requirements for hole covers. They are installed on the project at backfill and stay in place until final grading has been completed. The window-well covers are constructed of 1 inch, 18-gauge tube welded into a grid and galvanized. The pipes have no more than a two inch space between them, as required by OSHA standards. The cover is attached to the area well with a security clamp/hinge. The hinge mechanism is secured with a tamper resistant bolt to prevent unauthorized removal. The hinge is fastened to the well without damage or penetration to the area well itself. The covers are clearly labeled as a hole cover, in English and Spanish, as well as a "Keep Closed" message. The covers have been designed to carry twice their anticipated load, or one worker weighing 250 pounds, as required by OSHA standards and have been tested to well over 550 pounds without failure or significant deflection.

Some of the advantages of using Safe-T-Rail Window-Well Covers:

  • Covers are attached to the area well by a tamper resistant hinge.
  • Since they are attached to the area well, they stay where they belong to protect those working around the project
  • There is no damage or rust to the area well and they protect the area well from damage from other sources
  • The design allows light and ventilation into the basement.
  • They can be opened by anyone needing access to the basement, and save valuable time and money since the covers do not need to be replaced when another uses that access.
  • Most importantly, when used properly, they prevent accidental falls into the area wells around the house, and the resulting lost time and money.

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